What we do

We are an Oxford-based marketing and communications agency that supports schools in raising pupil/student numbers and improving staff recruitment. 

We help schools communicate and engage with existing and prospective parents, staff and stakeholders.

Strategic support for MATs and schools

Most smaller MATs and individual schools know that high-level comms and marketing expertise is vital for achieving strategic goals relating to ADMISSIONS, RECRUITMENT, GROWTH and STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT. But they don’t have enough work to justify a full-time role for the professional capable of plotting the right path.

Comms for Schools provides flexible strategic support to deliver solutions to the problems of FALLING PUPIL NUMBERS and TEACHER RECRUITMENT, as well as FACILITATING MAT GROWTH at a time of uncertainty over the government’s commitment to academisation.

Prices range from £350 for a day a month to £1,100 a month for a day a week. Ad-hoc days of support: £450.

Consultancy days for schools and MATs

We now operate day-long upskilling sessions that TAKE THE FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING AND APPLY THEM TO A SCHOOL SETTING. They challenge schools’ current approaches to marketing and equip staff to use websites, social media and more traditional media to tackle the problem of falling rolls.

Participants will be encouraged to think differently about the ways that schools engage. They will receive the tools to identify prospective parents, how to reach them and HOW TO ENSURE THAT CLASSROOMS ARE AS FULL AS POSSIBLE EVERY SEPTEMBER.

Prices are £450 for one to two participants and £750 for three to five. POA for larger groups.

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