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Why school websites just aren’t helping

Stick with it. It will make sense… Until relatively recently my mum and dad ran a car dealership. The business was successful for many years, but things started to go wrong when the Internet came along. Initially, my mum and dad refused to invest in a website, believing the web would never catch on. When […]

Tackling the threat to small CofE primary schools

Let’s just start this piece about an admissions crisis for small Church of England schools by diving straight into some ‘nice’ numbers. According to the Church of England: Approximately one million children attend Church of England schools. About 15 million people alive today went to a Church of England school. A quarter of primary schools […]

Why social media alone isn’t enough

Picture of a phone where an image of Facebook is visble

Social media (and Facebook in particular) is a fantastic way of showcasing your school. It allows you to reach your audience of prospective parents (and students for sixth forms or UTCs), to create a sense of community and as a game-changing way of telling your school’s unique story.  But where’s it all going? So often […]

Facebook – why should a school be using it?

Picture of phone with the Facebook app visible

When it comes to social media, we often say to school leaders: “You may be firmly in the anti-Facebook camp in your personal life, but when it comes to marketing your school, it’s essential.” Or we might just say: “Do it!” Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and as of January […]

4 ways to go beyond an Ofsted compliant website

Image of a laptop where a school website can be seen on the screen.

School websites need to do more than tick the boxes with Ofsted.  In fact, your school website can tick all those boxes and still only be doing half a job.  Here are four ways that you can ensure that your school website is going beyond the Ofsted must-have list…  1. Use good quality photography It’s […]

Using Facebook to promote your MAT

When it comes to Facebook we often say to our clients ‘you don’t have to like it, or use it in your personal life, but it’s essential in your professional life’. Facebook and MATs may not seem like they should go hand-in-hand, but when it comes to promoting your school, or creating a sense of […]

Why effective communication is key in growing multi-academy trusts.

At the time of writing, there are 775 multi-academy trusts with 2 to 5 schools and a further 1502 single academy trusts. However several articles cite that a MAT only becomes financially successful and sustainable when it has 12 to 20 schools, or around 5000 students.  Regardless of the specific numbers, MAT CEO’s will understand […]

Essentials for your MAT website 

As a trust leader, you will be familiar with Ofsted or the Government’s requirements for your MAT website. These include things like having the name of the CEO, a whistleblowing policy and financial information easily accessible.  But when it comes to creating a website that’s appealing to all of your audiences – that includes current […]