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A Message From Ms. Hovard

Spring term 2021

 It has been wonderful to see the children back in school this week and to watch them playing and learning once again with their friends. This week we have focused very much on the children’s well-being, socialisation and physical activities to support them all with their transition back to school. 

On Monday Collective Reflection focused on what the children enjoyed about coming back to school and it was lovely to hear them say things like, “learning,” and, “doing PE,” although the most frequent answer was “seeing my friends.” We talked about how the world is still the same amazing place it has been all along and enjoyed watching the Boston Robotics robots dancing, showing us that you can achieve great things you just have to keep trying and stay motivated. 

Over this week and next week we are carrying out informal assessments with the children to establish any gaps in learning and then plan next steps. We intend to hold a virtual Parents’ Evening with you the first week back after Easter, where we will share your children’s next steps with you and what you might like to do at home to support their progress. Details of this will follow shortly. 

Thank you everyone for the seamless pick up and drop off this week, despite the weather, and as always with your support of the school.