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Facebook – why should a school be using it?

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When it comes to social media, we often say to school leaders: “You may be firmly in the anti-Facebook camp in your personal life, but when it comes to marketing your school, it’s essential.”

Or we might just say: “Do it!”

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and as of January 2021 has over 50 million active users in the UK. The largest percentage (25.8%) are aged between 25 and 34. 

It is exactly where your audience of parents is.

This means that there is a huge potential for schools on Facebook to reach prospective parents who may not already know about you. Schools can do this through posting on to a Facebook page, but also through harnessing the power of paid-for adverts. With the average user clicking on 11 ads a month, paid-for campaigns can be a sure-fire way of inviting prospective parents to visit your school’s website, or sign up for an open event. 

And while Facebook advertising can sound daunting, and isn’t necessarily for the social media novice, with the right campaign planning and analysis, it can be one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. (By the way, we can help with this). 

Our experience of helping schools to set up Facebook pages has been overwhelmingly positive. So often parents are thrilled that their child’s school has joined the platform, and will keenly use the page as a place to keep up to date with the school’s news and find out more about its story and ethos. After all, it’s called a ‘social’ media platform for a reason – it’s about people, engagement and building community. All things that are at the heart of being a school, too. 

What’s the takeaway?

Schools leaders shouldn’t be scared of Facebook, nor should you feel obliged to be posting content every day. But Facebook is a brilliant communication tool with the potential to be a total game changer when it comes to promoting your school and reaching your target audience.

Want to know more? Effective social media campaigns form a key part of our student numbers campaigns. 

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