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360 Tours

Allow parents to tour your school when they want and as many times as they want

Our 360 tours allow parents and carers of prospective students to get a feel for the place where their child will be nurtured and developed.

What is it?

it is crucial that parents and carers get to take a look around the buildings and grounds where their children will be spending the most important years of their lives.

Not sure what a 360 tour looks like? We could take ages explaining, but it’s probably best to look at the example coming soon.

Why this is important...

We do not envisage 360 tours ever replacing in-person visits as the most important and best way to get a feel for a school.

Rather, we see a 360 tour as one of the key recruitment tools that innovative schools should have at their disposal during the recruitment process.

Why they work...

  • They can be the first step in a child's journey to joining your school, inspiring people to book an in-person visit. 

  • They can be a tool that allows a prospective parent or carer to make their final decision after that in-person visit.

  • In current circumstances they might be the only way that prospective parents and carers can get a look around your school. 

360 Tour - Pricing

  • Full site photography

  • Info points

  • Hosting

  • Facebook Campaign*





The small print: 

* includes up to £200 ad budget
Travel expenses may be applicable for onsite visits

If using our servers, first year is free then £50 per year

The Bottom Line...

You’re a popular school that doesn’t need any extra help filling its classrooms. But you are keen to make starting primary school or making the transition to secondary school a little less daunting for children.

A 360 tour allows children to familiarise themselves with their future environment and settle in quicker. It’s the sort of thing that a great school does.

What our clients think

Beyond a commercial relationship

Being on first name terms with people who ‘get’ the school, its context, and its aspirations, are very important and Comms for Schools demonstrate a level of interest and care that appears to go well beyond a commercial relationship.

Headteacher, West Oxfordshire school