3C System

A 3C System allows MATs and schools to deliver:

Communication. Career development. Culture.

Let's Explain

A 3C System is a package that allows central teams at multi-academy trusts to communicate effectively and ensure consistency of culture, practice and standards across often diverse working environments.

A 3C System allows MATs and other organisations to:

  • Communicate information in an engaging way

  • Roll out change in the form of new policies and systems

  • Onboard new staff with regard to culture, practice and standards

  • Deliver intra-trust continued professional development

  • Monitor and track delivery to ensure uptake

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The Bottom Line...

As a MAT expands, the character of that trust risks being diluted. Staff at individual schools become more remote and detached from central teams. Settings become more diverse as schools join from different areas.

In such circumstances, it is harder to shape culture, standards and practices – but a 3C System allows you to do so.

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Worth their weight in gold…

Comms For Schools ran our staff recruitment drive. Their innovative campaign meant we were almost overwhelmed by outstanding candidates. They are worth their weight in gold

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