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Promotional Videos

Showcase your school, MAT or training body

Our promotional videos capture all the great things about your school, MAT or teacher training organisation. They allow you to tell your story to your audience in the most engaging and inspirational way.

The films are created by fantastic professionals who make the whole process as easy as possible for you. But don’t take our word for it on quality – have a look at some of the ones we have done recently.

Primary schools

Secondary schools

MATs, recruitment, teacher training

What happens once you decide to work with us…

Step 1

Once a date is booked we call you to get a sense of the kind of video that you want us to produce. What would you like us to showcase? What do you want the tone to be?

Step 2

We then give you a very short checklist of things that you will need to do before we come to film. The list will include making sure permissions are in place with parents and carers, and that you have identified and spoken with a small number of staff/children/parents who you want us to talk to on camera.

Step 3

At this stage we will tell you not to worry about getting too many people to interview. Four or five interviews is more than enough. More than four or five means videos feature too many ‘talking heads’ and not enough of the ‘cutaway’ footage that lifts our films.

Step 4

Now we will tell you not to worry about having too much of an itinerary in place for our visit. School days have a natural structure and our films work best when we can work with a little bit of freedom within that structure, using our editorial and artistic judgement.

Step 5

Finally, we will tell you not to worry about preparing monologues or learning huge chunks of information. We are experienced at getting people to deliver the messages they want to deliver in a relaxed and natural way.

Step 6

Did we mention the bit about not worrying?

The Bottom Line...

Most headteachers and school leaders did not come into education because they wanted to do marketing. It is, however, fast becoming an essential part of the job of managing a school or schools.

It is often no longer good enough to be a good school. You have to tell the right people that you are a good school.

To do that you need to identify who the right people are, find the right way to reach them and then give them the right information in an engaging way.

That’s what we do.

What our clients think

Beyond a commercial relationship

Being on first name terms with people who ‘get’ the school, its context, and its aspirations, are very important and Comms for Schools demonstrate a level of interest and care that appears to go well beyond a commercial relationship.

Headteacher, West Oxfordshire school