Student Numbers Campaigns

We aim to inspire parents to choose your school

We create solutions tailored to each school, listening and analysing to gain insights and then using great communication to reach the right people.

Our campaigns are ideal for schools that have seen a fall in the number of applications or that are about to feel the effects of the UK's plummeting birth rate.

How do we do it?

We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach, but there are some key things you should know about how we work and what we do.

  • We talk to all your key people to find out the kind of school you are and what you believe might be affecting admissions.  

  • We analyse local demographics to identify the right audiences, because we want to be talking to people who might choose your school.

  • We audit your current communications to identify how you can best reach the right people. We then help you do this.

Why this is important...

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The falling birth rate in England and Wales – how it will affect schools

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Essentials for your MAT website 

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New requirements for MAT websites

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Case study:

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The Bottom Line...

Most headteachers and school leaders did not come into education because they wanted to do marketing. It is, however, fast becoming an essential part of the job of managing a school or schools.

It is often no longer good enough to be a good school. You have to tell the right people that you are a good school.

To do that you need to identify who the right people are, find the right way to reach them and then give them the right information in an engaging way.

That’s what we do.

What our clients think

Worth their weight in gold…

Comms For Schools ran our staff recruitment drive. Their innovative campaign meant we were almost overwhelmed by outstanding candidates. They are worth their weight in gold

Headteacher, secondary school in Oxfordshire