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4 ways to go beyond an Ofsted compliant website

Image of a laptop where a school website can be seen on the screen.

School websites need to do more than tick the boxes with Ofsted.  In fact, your school website can tick all those boxes and still only be doing half a job.  Here are four ways that you can ensure that your school website is going beyond the Ofsted must-have list…  1. Use good quality photography It’s […]

Essentials for your MAT website 

As a trust leader, you will be familiar with Ofsted or the Government’s requirements for your MAT website. These include things like having the name of the CEO, a whistleblowing policy and financial information easily accessible.  But when it comes to creating a website that’s appealing to all of your audiences – that includes current […]

New requirements for MAT websites

Earlier this summer, the Department for Education published its Academies Financial Handbook 2020. The handbook contains some significant changes to the guidelines around finance. These relate to: Governance  Executive teams  General controls and transparency  Internal scrutiny  Annual accounts  You can see the full list of changes by clicking here.  There are also new guidelines around […]