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Website Services

Website design and consultancy

We do two things with websites…

  1. We create sites that are around half the price of those sold by other education providers. We are able to do this because we have created Ofsted-compliant templates using commercial website builders. We do this because we recognise that the cost of living crisis and unfunded salary increases have been devastating for school budgets.

    2. We offer consultancy on how to repurpose your existing website to make it an effective marketing tool. Most schools aren’t using their websites optimally. We audit menu structure, page design and content, and then recommend changes. We also implement the changes we recommend.

How are we different to other providers?

Our websites are much cheaper than the market average. They are also set up to do the job that school sites almost always neglect to do. Your site will not simply be where current parents get information, it will be where you tell your story to prospective parents.

If you don’t focus on parents of prospective pupils and students when designing and using your site, then that site is doing nothing to fill your classrooms.

Your site will be...

  • Designed to serve BOTH your primary audiences – current and prospective parents. 

  • Clear and easy to navigate. Any parent should come to your website and immediately find all the information they need.

  • Your digital prospectus. Your site will sell your school all year round, not just during admissions season.

  • Accessible on all devices. Keep in mind your audience will most likely be on the go and looking at your website on a small screen. We make sure it works for them. 

Website consultancy

Audit (recommended structure and content changes, plus proofing)

Audit plus content overhaul (create new content, edit existing content, liaise on use of graphics/pictures)







Primary school website price

Design and build site

Annual hosting

Annual IT support




Secondary school website price

Design and build site

Annual hosting

Annual IT support




The Bottom Line...

Recent research by Parent Ping found that the thing parents did most often when choosing a school was to visit the website. They did this twice as often as looking at a prospectus and more often than asking people about the school or attending an open event.

Your site is where prospective parents will go to get information and get a feel for the school. And they will keep coming back to that site, especially if they are undecided about their choice of school.

What our clients think

Beyond a commercial relationship

Being on first name terms with people who ‘get’ the school, its context, and its aspirations, are very important and Comms for Schools demonstrate a level of interest and care that appears to go well beyond a commercial relationship.

Headteacher, West Oxfordshire school