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South Holland

Office for National Statistics birth rate data for South Holland shows a…

0 %

Drop over the
last decade 

0 %

Drop over the
last 5 years

2010 births are the bulk
of your current year 6

2016 births are the bulk
of your current reception

2018 births will be the bulk of
your 2022 intake, and so on…

How does South Holland fare compared to other districts?

The birth rate drop for South Holland is in Category 1

Category Explanation

This area has not witnessed a significant decline in the birth rate over the last decade. If a school is struggling for numbers in this area then it is not because there are fewer children seeking places. If you fix the issues that are making parents choose rival schools, then we can make these parents choose your school.

Category 1

Not significantly affected by birth rate drop. Low student numbers due to other issues.

Category 2

Low student numbers affected by a steady and significant decline over 10 years.

Category 3

A steady decline started 10 years ago, but in the last 5 years, the decline rate has increased.

Category 4

The birth rate decline has been only apparent during last 5 years. Schools may not be aware that they are about to be impacted by this.

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