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Why you need good photography on your MAT website

It’s an age-old saying that a picture can tell a thousand words. And we think that it’s true. 

Often when clients come to us and ask us to comment on their existing MAT or school website, we say that it’s far too text-heavy – too many long and complex paragraphs and not enough good photography. And all that means that although your website might tick all the boxes with Ofsted, it’s only doing half a job. 

Your website needs to be user friendly; it needs to be engaging and visually appealing. Otherwise, prospective parents, staff and other schools won’t hang around long enough to learn all the great stuff about your MAT. 

Photography is key to ensuring that your MAT website is grabbing the attention of its visitors, and making sure that you create a great first impression. 

What images should you be including?

Buildings and facilities – New school building? New state-of-the-art facilities? Or, is one of the schools in your MAT steeped in history? Whatever it is that you have to show off, images of your buildings will help new parents, students and staff learn about your trust. Professional photography is key when it comes to buildings. A professional will know how to compose and light a shot. An amateur probably won’t. Here is a link to our main photographer’s site that will give you an idea of the quality you should be looking for.

Events – Images of a sports day or an open evening can help you tell the story of your MAT and schools. Not only this, but these kinds of photos can give prospective students an idea of the opportunities that your MAT can offer. 

Staff and students – it’s all very well sharing images of your state-of-the-art sports hall or the parents’ open evening, but what parents really want to see is pictures of students and staff engaging in what the MAT has to offer. Not only can these images allow you to create a positive impression of your trust, but they are also the easiest way to express what kind of values and ethos your MAT has.

How to get the best photos

At Comms for School we work with professional photographers and videographers to ensure that the images on your site are of the highest quality. Experienced photographers don’t just know how to take a good photo, they also know how to work with students of all ages and how to ensure that the most important features of your MAT are showcased.

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